Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family and its name in Latin means water of the sea. Legend has it that Poseiden gave aquamarine to mermaids as gifts. Sailors began to take aquamarine on sea journeys and toss them into the sea as gifts to Poseidon for safe voyages. Aquamarine is also considered to be a healing stone and the Greeks believed aquamarine helped sustain youthful love. For this reason it is considered to have wonderful effects on married couples, making it a fantastic anniversary gift.

The most commonly seen hues of aquamarine are light pastel blue to a medium soft blue. The major sources for aquamarine are Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia, and Madagascar.  Of course, we have the aquamarine found on Mount Antero, right here in Chaffee County Colorado!

Use only warm, soapy water to clean. Never clean with steamer or ultrasonic.

Aquamarine’s special gifts: Gives one direction in life and spiritual visions, lifts one’s spirit, calms the nerves, protection at sea.